It's Time For Change!!!

I am running because I Care!!!


 City Council

Tired of no representation and bad legislation then I am the candidate for you!  Tired of pot holes, lack of services, sale of public lands, always asking to pay but receive nothing in return.  Then  I am your candidate!

Oakland is way over due for a change

You see most of the politicians at voting time and for 3.5 years there  is not a peep out of them till the next election!  Want accessibility to City Hall and be part of the solution to your neighborhood issues then I am your Candidate!   The citizens of Oakland need to come together and fight as a unit to bring about change that benefits all of us, the residents of Oakland!  Politicians take money, get endorsements to get elected, make promises that are rarely kept and continue to forget who votes for them. 

WE have seen projects come and go, we have seen money dolled out to insiders and never see it paid back,   We have seen businesses close down and move to neighboring cities which is where most of us shop for our bare necessities because there are no  businesses in Oakland.

 Developers make money by bringing developments into Oakland but because the City has laid off workers we have few city staff available to do the enforcements to make sure that the developments are built to code.

Want accessible honest representation by someone who will work with you and for you; not be looking at where their next steps will lead them.  Then I am that person.  I have worked as an activist in Oakland since 1982 and my love is my community, neighbors and the diversity of  Oakland wich is what this wonderful City is all about!

Position Paper


"I am and want to continue to work for you. We need to create living wage jobs and bring businesses to Oakland, improve our schools, and make Quality of Life issues a top priority. With over two decades of activism and commitment to Oakland, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."


 The school system in Oakland is a major concern.  We have teachers that can't teach because they are babysitters.  We have students that want to learn but instead have to take second place to disruptive students that put a threat into a lot of the classrooms.  OUSD is, like the rest of Oakland, divided by the Hills vs the Flats, parent involvement vs little to nonexistent and committed teachers who are low paid compared to other jurisdictions.
OUSD has a huge truancy rate and low scores which intern becomes an invitation to criminal and gang activity.  PTA's are welcomed in the school in the Hills and discouraged in the flats.
OUSD is constantly asking for money from property owners and yet nothing improves.  On top of the taxes that we are already paying OUSD is again asking the voters to approve a continuation of the $120.00 already on or huge property taxes come this November.   Where is all the money going when nothing seems to be improving and the quality of education is at the bottom.   Many send their children to the Charter Schools because they are looking for better education and learning procedures.  The Charter Schools do not pay Union wages and can let the teachers go at will.
 We need to ask how this has become so divisive and why are the children paying the price.  The County of Alameda has been sitting on Millions of dollars that is supposed to be going into funding the teachers at OUSD.  Audits are way over due and need to be done by a reputable outside agency not connected to any of the governmental agencies.
 I have sat on the Burkhalter School Site Council.  I saw firsthand how nothing could get accomplished and the control which became threatened if the Council asked a question that needed actual data based results.
Teachers want to teach and not feel threatened and the majority of the students want to learn.  Parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their children and make sure that attendance is first and foremost for the well being of the child as well as the financial well being of the schools.

 Oakland is overburdened with low income housing and has been the recipient of a 90% of all low income development for Alameda County.  Oakland has allowed itself for the last 50 years to be placed in this situation because this City has existed on Federal and State handouts aka grants and subsidies that have enriched the Citi's budget. 
 A good friend of mine, who works for the Red Cross, told me that when there is a disaster in Alameda County and families need housing that the only city that has housing, for those who cannot afford to cover their own cost or have family, is Oakland.
 Oakland has over 90% of the low income housing for Alameda County.  Low income housing includes senior housing.  The other cities in Alameda County are building senior housing because those individuals do not pose a threat.  The tax breaks for the developers and non-profits are substantial and this is why these developments occur.
 Oakland is a major recipient because they also receive funding from the other cities to take the disenfranchised so that they can continue to reap the influx of businesses and the sales tax base. 
 The one of the worst laws, that another Candidate takes full credit for, is on he ballot.  This ordinance will place many landlords either out of business or they'll just walk away.  These are mom and pop landlords who moved and rented their residents and many have been held to ransom thanks to the rent control law Measure RR.  The cost to landlords is the $4,000 to $10,000 to get rid of squatters plus attorney fees.  Vacant properties have become a major problem and have become a haven in certain neighborhoods of illegal activity.
 We seriously need to look at where Oakland is getting it's funding from.  How Oakland in turn can reverse this long standing acceptance that the city needs to be the recipient of the majority of low income housing while surrounding city's flourish with businesses and a sales tax base.
 There are a lot of non-profit developers that have centered their developments in Oakland and they don't even live or maintain their business here.
The Oakland Housing Authority thought that they would better serve their clients by purchasing multi units and allowing Section Eight Vouchers to be used in all neighborhoods. The reality of this action brought crime and lack of maintenance of the properties which in turn brought problems to those neighborhoods following the passage of this ordinance.
 There are a lot of ordinances and the Charter itself which need to be looked at and addressed as well as a major overhaul of Oakland budget and departments. 
We need to take care of what we already have and stop building new housing units till we have defined and addressed the many issues that neighborhoods have been trying to get addressed for many, many years.
On top of all of this Oakland has not charge developers fees to fix the infrastructures related to the area that surrounds the developments untill tis year....Oakland has constantly given away the baby with the bath water and on top of that most of the housing built is poor quality, sub-standard and has major problems and needs retrofitting.  Jerry's 10K is a perfect example of what not to do.  


Now we have the 600 Million Bond Measure andf 500 Million for Alameda County on the ballot which is their answer to Redevelopment!!! Only instead of the State giving back to the City and the County the money that we have payed in the past as Redevelopment funds; Property owners will now be asked to pay additional taxes to subsidize the City and the County for a program that was run by the state, Jerry killed the program when he became governor after being Mayor in Oakland. Whe Redevelop,ment existed a percentage of our property taxes went into the program.  With these two Bond Measures both the City and the County are inventing their on version of redevelopment and it is going to cost us more,  over and above what we are already paying for.  Unlike the versuionJerry killed off!  Where is all of Oakland's money going????  We need to ask the County the same question!!!!

We are already paying for all the services Oakland says are needed and yet nothing changes!!!!!  We continue to hire outsiders and pay them outrageous salaries such as the $30,000 to the Mayors Transportation Czar; which is our road paving and pot hole money.  Anybody been on Telegraph lately or for Upper Broadway???  Turns out that new developments will only have one parking space or none  in the future.  Guess what that is going to do to neighborhoods!     Anybody talking to the residents of Oakland?                                                        

Public Safety is a major concern for many in Oakland.  The concern depends on where you live.  If you live in the flats many are more concerned over graffiti, illegal dumping, homeless encampments, side shows and everyday quality of life issues.  If you live in the hills, which until the crash of 2008, had little impact with crime this has since become a grave concern for those residents.
Oakland has had, since the 80's, 3 dynamic Chiefs of Police, Chief Hart, Chief Samuels and Chief Batts.  Chief Samuels left because he refused to be micro managed.  Chief Batts came to Oakland because he admired Mayor Ron Dellums and thought he could bring Community Policing back.  The City Council killed Community Policing off along with other programs that today, they are attempting to reinvent with no expertise and very little success.   We lost Smart Inspections, Beat Health, Service Delivery Teams, the NSC's and continuous attempt to do away with NCPC's.  The council also saw a way to reduce the oversight of the CPAB, which was formed to work with and guide OPD in the Community Policing philosophy and programs.

Public Safety Position Statement:
As Chair of the Beat 29X Millsmont Evergreen Millsbrae Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (formerly Burbank Millsbrae), I am very much in support of our Oakland Police Department. The Department is understaffed through no fault of their own. Priorities in the City of Oakland have been towards housing development and not services or retail. Due to cutbacks and a hiring freeze, the loss of so many officer's due to attrition and lose to other cities, city services that dealt with safety, receives little to no assistance from our city leaders.

The Riders case has put a hold on how OPD functions and has damaged its morale. We have not one boss for OPD but four: the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator and the Judge who oversaw the lawsuit for the Riders case and his appointed overseer.   The Judge has ordered the City of Oakland's Police Department to follow certain guidelines set out by a non-profit group out of Washington D. C. Had our city fathers not settled a lawsuit that came about from the Riders case for $10 Million, we might not be in the full predicament we are in now. That lawsuit that was settled was done prior to any of the four officers charged, ever being found guilty. This went to trial twice before it ended with the case being dismissed.
On top of the Riders case and the $10 Million lawsuit, there is the hiring freeze that reduced OPD to less than 700 officers. The icing on the cake is the passage of Measure Y. now ZZ, which was devised by certain council members and encouraged by individuals and groups who saw this as a way to get more police, unfortunately this measure has been a boondoggle since its inception. Instead of understanding that to become a police officer there is a deservedly long process, the measure was pushed as an answer to hiring more officers and saving Oakland from media embarrassment.  Measure Y has been replaced and brought little to no success other than to take in over $200 Million.  The new Measure on the ballot is Measure ZZ and gives us no more officers.  In fact we can go down to one and they can still collect. The charges to the property owner is $99.77, $10.00 more than what we are being charged now, $88.00, and a cost of living increase built in every year over the next 10 years. We have had 80 Officer's laid off in the past and always threatened with more layoffs if the Measure ZZ does not pass, we have to wonder when is the city is going to admit the Measure Y and all its baggage, was and is a grab for dollars and not the safety of Oakland.  There have been a couple of lawsuits over Measure Y.  We have had only two individual, who because of their strong voices, where taken off the Measure Y Oversight Committee in the past.  Like many other Boards and Commissions in the City, we now have a totally nonfunctional Measure Y Oversight Committee and the audits are a sham....The City has found it convenient to constantly ask property owners to cover the bill when money is needed.  Police services is a city wide function and Public Safety, a City wide issue therefore everyone needs to pay into the program if there is a need to raise money.  Unfortunately the reality is there is no sales tax base because we have no viable businesses so you can't raise the sales tax by 1%.  A great majority of the residents go to other cities to do their shopping.

OPD has systematically been cut to the bone and what was a working relationship with communities throughout Oakland is now stymied. Community Policing is no longer though one hears that they are attempting to reinvent the wheel. The contacts that have been the backbone for Community Policing, our NSC's - Neighborhood Services Coordinators, have been glorified canvassers acting at the whim of the council members and city departments. The funding for the NSC's has been part of the OPD budget for over 20 years, in one move by the council and at the behest of a past City Administrator there is no longer any funding for this group of dedicated, hardworking individuals who were our direct line to OPD.  After removing them out of OPD, which helped kill off Community Policing.  The NSC’s are finally back in OPD which will be the impetus to bring back Community Policing.
For a Judge to state that his guidelines need to be followed and that it does not matter that crime is escalating in the City, is mismanagement of the rights of innocent people vs. the rights of criminals. After the shortcuts and the "nobody will fail command" by a former Chief it has been at the expense of public safety and the safety and moral of OPD.  This led to the complete disbandment of Community Policing by a former Commander which was a slap in the face of those living in and protecting Oakland. Reducing the qualifications to fill quotas and political expectations, as well as hire new recruits, will leave us in a bigger mess and more officers being killed on the streets in the months to come.  Mayor Dellums made one outstanding decision in the hiring of a dynamic progressive thinker who was our Chief, Anthony Batts. Now he has gone, when our current Mayor took the reins.  Unfortunately we have Judge Henderson and Chief Warshaw running OPD now and moral is at a record low.  We have no leadership in OPD and the Mayor and the Council are micromanaging OPD.  If only all of the Officers of OPD could step to the plate, the Leadership of Oakland get out of the way and stop playing the political games, fully implementing the true meaning of the philosophy of Community Policing, giving OPD the staff and tools and stop reinventing the Strategic Plan, Oakland could have a dynamic police department.  Oakland also needs to hire qualified Brass that the Rank and File respect and will follow. Finally let OPD do their job!!   Everyone should get behind an Anti-Loitering/Curfew Ordinance to give OPD another tool to bring crime under control.  The fact that Truancy is a major concern both in loss of revenue to OUSD but also is one of the main causes in car thefts and home burglaries, makes the Loitering/Curfew Ordinance a must!  
The final disrespect to Oakland and her citizens is the lack of follow through from the District Attorney's office. The statement in the past by District Attorney Tom Orloff that his office will only move on cases that it can win, that health department citations are not important and that his office has better things to do -- borders on criminal negligence.  The irony is that District Attorney, Nancy O'Malley is continuing her predecessors legacy.  Hiding behind ethics of the law as a reason to not prosecute is criminal.  Parents need to be held accountable for the crime wave of juveniles throughout the city, and a no tolerance stance needs to be the position of all of law enforcement. 
I have read the many emails from different list servers about the constant crime in the neighborhoods and I hope that your voices will make the same statement at the polls.

Climate change is here and overpopulation is killing the planet off.   Other countries are having wars and we keep opening our doors letting other countries dump on us, using what a few consider guilt to save the rest of the world.  This is at the expense of our elderly and our youth, who are our future. 
 We need to re-evaluate the use of pesticides and the deaths associated with it.  We need to re- evaluate the monster farming and husbandry that have become conglomerates.  The loss of small farmers and family units, which oversaw quality food sources, that has led to food waste.  This is due to overzealous production of produce and out of control epidemics.  Because greed and a fast turnover is a driving force, we have forgotten what it takes to do quality work with the end result bringing about healthy foods, quality merchandise and goods to the table of the consumer.
 Water is at a premium and will be from now on...again greed has opened the doors to more elaborate oil seeking formats and productions such as fracking which in turn is contaminating our ground water and expediting earth tremors, unstable and harmful reactions to the land/planet.
 Rainforest are being devastated and that is our sources for oxygen which sustains life on the planet.  Pesticides are contaminating the oceans and ground waters.  Animals are being culled for hides, ivory etc.  The need to produce vegetation that is foreign to most of the planet and derived from manufactured genes by one or two companies who again base their production and ideas on greed at the expense of humanity. We have seen the Council sell out to the development of Knowland Park to add frill entertainment at the expense of open space.  FEMA withdrew the funding that Oakland was going to use to cut all the implied non-native trees and then spray with toxic chemicals while undercutting the habitat of many species of animals and plants under the guise that this would control the fire danger.  Open grassy areas are what drives wild fires not forested areas which blocks the driving winds.  In order to help saved the planet we need to stop using man made chemicals which is the major cause of many illnesses as well as the manipulation of our foods and let the planet heal itself!  Unfortunately, greed is a major driving force that controls the political will and ignores the health and rights of the full array of life inhabiting Earth.
The future is bleak and we have not learned a thing from our histories and continue to repeat and devastate.  Population control needs to be addressed!  

Oakland is a very diverse city and will always remain as such.  Change is constant and new beginnings will always be around the corner as will neighbors and friends.
Gentrification is a word that has no basis as change is constant!  Diversity is part of the landscape that is Oakland.
Oakland’s diversity is what makes her so unique!!!

Oakland is starved for business which means jobs!!!  Crime unfortunately is BIG business in Oakland and because of crime, businesses won't come to Oakland.  We have the money and the buying power, which most people go to other surrounding cities to use and spend.  Not every child is going to college we need to bring back HOPE into their lives with jobs that they can actually succeed in, such as manufacturing...Over the last 20+ years we have traded our work force to cheap overseas labor.  We have seen a massive loss and closure of old reliable business and towns, which once made American goods and where a success had pride and stood tall!  We don't have that anymore...How many children do you know who live at home, have a degree and can't find work or are working at McDonalds?  How many laid off friends and former co-workers do you know who can't find work?
 Are we angry yet? Are we fed up yet?  We need to bring back jobs and the economy back to the USA.  We need to realize, we cannot continue to save the rest of the world at the expense of the citizens of the United States.  Guns, crime and blatant disrespect for people's right, the law, civility are at the forefront of media news and to many a daily issue.  Oakland is considered the 9th worst City in the USA. We have been at the top of the most dangerous cities in the country.
 We have new start up's, over flow is coming in from SF, mom and pop businesses are predominant and yet they don't hire at the volume that is needed to bring positive change and HOPE.  Overpopulation needs to be addressed. The future cannot continue to sustain the growth and will continue to accelerate mayhem in our society. 
 We cannot continue to do construction projects in order to employ...we have way too many vacancies and no businesses to fill the niche.  Construction jobs are short term and the hires are minimal.
Is there an answer?  Yes, it is going to take anger and demands by us the people/voter/citizens of not only Oakland but across the country to get our voices heard.  It is going to take electing representatives at every level that GET IT!!
 Greed is running the country and the world! We keep settling for it!  Occupy had the right premise when they started but lost it when they decided that they did not need leaders and wanted to fed the homeless etc.  Instead, what could have brought major positive change, bringing the banks to their knees and saving people's homes (which is what Iceland did)...friends, neighbors and neighborhoods lost homes and jobs.   
 Our educational system is at the low end of the chain compared to the rest of the world and we used to be a leader.
Jobs are needed and tax laws need to be changed to keep companies from looking elsewhere.  Sustainable wages are needed and workers needed to be respected and paid accordingly.  Not live wondering what tomorrow will bring.
 Is there an easy answer to solving Oakland’s business outlook?  NO because the mess has been enhanced with Federal laws manipulated by a few who have made wealth their main objective.  Until Oakland's leadership admits to the reality that crime is big business and actually wants to deal with it in a serious manner; we will continually have a problem attracting major businesses and needed jobs.
Oakland has never in recent years been a business friendly city or have they had representation on the Council except for Dick Spees and Henry Chang who had an inkling on how to run, what was needed to maintain and bring business to the City.
 I would like to see the business tax reduced and the parking fees brought down to a level that will entice people and businesses to locate to the various districts throughout Oakland.  The need to be able to walk to and from your home, to the shopping districts are a must.  If building housing, which I do not advocate until we get our own house in order first, is part of the plan then we need to build quality market rate housing. 
 Oakland is getting the overflow of workers from San Francisco which, with positive action, should bring less vacant properties and a move to start addressing the quality of life issues throughout the neighborhoods of the City.
My name is Nancy Sidebotham and I am running for Oakland City Council At-Large.  I have been a resident of this wonderful city for 52 years and have lived in District 6 for 36 years.  I have an investment in working with you to make this city safe and economically self-sustaining.  Having run for Districts 6 Council Seat a number of times and Mayor, I have never lost because I am still here working with you to improve our quality of life despite those who pop in and try to mess it up for us.  Working to improve Oakland is my passion. I have, over the last 36 years, been an advocate for open space and creeks, economic revitalization and jobs, community policing, full strength police and fire departments, Neighborhood Watch, CORE, and open/transparent and fair representation in government. I spear headed the move to build the new animal shelter, campaigned successfully to keep out big box development at Leona Quarry, formed Merchant Association and I have been involved one way or another on many issues that have impacted our neighborhoods, districts and the city as a whole. 

I continue to work for the community as Chair of the Beat 29X MEM (Millsmont Evergreen Millsbrae)
Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council and member of the Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee.  I sit on the CPAB (Community Policing Advisory Board). Through the use of an extensive email network I get information out regarding issues that affect neighborhoods and citizens throughout Oakland.  I helped get the word out about the management problems at the animal shelter and 50% raise in garbage fees as well as many other issues.  I worked with neighbors and businesses to clean up problem locations.  I formed Merchant Associations and sat on the board of Shop Oakland. I am against parcel taxation in order to fund programs and services that we are already paying for with our hard earned and scarce dollars.  We have a budget that is out of control and a leadership that just does not get it!  I am calling for a full audit of all of Oakland's books, going back a minimum of 10 years, by an outside agency overseen by the Federal Government.  We cannot continuously be asked to pay and to place the burden of Oakland's fiscal problems on the property owners.  To date there has been no open discussion or an honest/true depiction of how and where Oakland spends its huge budget.  This has got to stop! To get loans; documentation and disclosure is a requirement. To continue to ask the property owners to pay for services which have little or no oversight, becomes a shell game, that Oakland's leadership has become quite good at, is a disgrace and an insult to the residents of this wonderful City.
 I have stated some of the things I have been involved with but you might ask what I will bring to the City if I am elected.  I will bring passion, hard work, honesty, integrity, accessibility and a demand for open/transparent government run by clean money and professional knowledgeable Department Heads.  Backroom deals need to stop and honest, open discussions with us, the stakeholders, have to be at the forefront and be the guide in developing the future of Oakland.
I am a very strong advocate of hiring qualified individuals to become Oakland Police Officers and fully staffing the Department to the level that represents the population of this wonderful city.  Micro-management of OPD by politics and the politicians has got to stop.  The laws are very clear; OPD's function is to uphold them and to serve and protect the citizen's of Oakland.  The crime in Oakland is citywide not just in one or two neighborhoods.  Once OPD is allowed to function as a full department vs. one of maintenance, we will start to see positive change, which in turn will bring down crime.  Through the great programs of Neighborhood Watch (NW), Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council's (NCPC) and the philosophy of Community Policing, until recently, these have been a driving force that has brought partnering to a new level between the City, community and OPD. 

This partnering along with the Community Policing philosophy needs to be integrated throughout all the departments of the City. There has to be interdepartmental communication that starts with a strong City Administrator and a hands off approach by the City Council who blatantly breaks the law, which in Oakland is governed by the City Charter.
Crime has to be curtailed so retail will want to come to Oakland.  Our industrial areas need to be protected from greedy developers and those who ride on their coat tails looking to make a killing at the expense of the neighborhoods.  The lack of jobs and businesses has allowed rampant crime to overtake our city.  We need to stop building housing and instead concentrate on retail, economic growth and cleaning up the blight that predominates throughout Oakland.

There are over 400,000+ residents in this city and yet all I hear from the politicians is that we need to build more housing. I never hear that we need to fix our infrastructure, fill the pot-holes and sidewalks, repave the streets, stop the illegal dumping and the continued influx of homeless encampments or take care of the needs of the people who have kept the faith, stayed to continue the fight, and who love and believe in Oakland.

I can continue to mention issues that all of you are concerned about, issues that you believe are unique to your neighborhood.  Though the complaints, solutions and experiences are yours they also are part of a bigger picture.  I have been honored to work with neighbors and activists throughout Oakland who continue to make sure that we are not forgotten or taken for granted.
You want action and equal representation then I am the person who can represent you!

Why I am running


I’ve lived and worked in Oakland since 1964.  I’ve seen Oakland at its high and low points. I have been a small business owner and committed community activist since 1982.  I know the importance of working with neighbors to build community.  I’ve served for fifteen years  as the Chairperson of Beat 29X NCPC, served on CPAB  and Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee
I’ve helped people during stressful and dangerous situations. I have the experience, and am unafraid, to make the tough decisions.  I won’t saddle you with bad garbage contracts; give away public lands; or push out residents who helped make Oakland great.  I will work for all of us.
We need an independent voice to speak up for what’s best for our community. I am the best candidate because of my commitment to service, experience and proven leadership ability.

I respectfully ask for your vote.  Nancy Sidebotham At-Large City Council.

Here is a list many of Nancy's activities that have served to better the Oakland community.  

Artship Foundation, supporter
Oakland Business Arts Awards, ‘94 Juror
Supports the remodeling and rehabilitation of Studio One
Support increase funding for the Arts
Support the promotion of the artistic community through advertising and festivals
Enhances after school arts programs


Citizens for a New Animal Shelter (CNAS), President & Co-Founder
Oakland City Council Animal Shelter Liaison
Central East Oakland Community Development Block Grant (CEOCDBG), Board
City of Oakland Emergency Task Force

Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE), Program & Graduate
Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE), Advisory Committee
Graduate of Oakland Citizens Police Academy
Crime Stoppers, founding Board Members of newly reorganized board

and Crime Stoppers, Secretary
Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
Burbank-Millsbrae Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), Steering Committee Past Secretary
Neighborhood Watch, Block Captain
Millsmont Home Owners Association, Co-Founder, President
Wyman/Simmons Coalition, assisted with strategy to stop development in slide area
Working to get Oakland Housing Authority to clean up and manage their properties
Worked to get the Vintage Inn closed
Worked to remove the illegal car washing/detailing loiterers at church top of 73rd
Working to stop loitering and drug sales at gas station at Sunnymere and Seminary
Worked to clean up blight and neighborhood intimidation at 3964 Gardenia Place
Alerted community to the atrocities and mismanagement at the Oakland Animal Shelter
Strong supporter for removing the Animal Shelter out of Police
Working to bring One Stop Market and Liquors into compliance
Closed down One Stop Liquor Store
Millsmont Evergreen Millsbrae NCPC, Beat 29X, Chair
UNCO Chair
Recall Jean Quan
Stand For Oakland
Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee
Graduate of Oakland's Citizen's Academy
Co-Chair of District 6 Public Works Committee
CORO Foundation Graduate (San Francisco)
League of Women Voters, past Board Member
National Women’s Political Caucus former member
Oakland Sunset Rotary, Past President
East Oakland Rotary, Past International Director
MGO (Montclair Greater Oakland) Democratic Club Board member
Advocate for Community Policing

Neighborhood Service Coordinators back into OPD
Worked against Crematorium in East Oakland
Worked against coal at the Army Base


Oakland Merchant Leadership Forum (OMLF), Executive Committee
Co-Chairperson Shop Oakland 2000
Co-Chairperson Shop Oakland 2001
Deemed Approved Advisory Committee (DAAC)
Deemed Approved Program, worked to protect small restaurants
Oakland Employers Transportation Network (ONET)
MacArthur Blvd. Merchants Association (MBMA), Past Board Secretary
Foothill Seminary Merchants Association, Past Chair and Secretary


Oakland Commerce Corporation (OCC), Business Partners Program
Business Alert Seminar, organized
Oakland Development Council, Past Member
Leona Quarry Committee to Stop Big Box Development
Stop the Widening of Edwards/73rd Avenue Committee
MacArthur-Seminary Design Review, Spokesperson & Steering Committee member

Ban Trucks on 580 Coalition
MacArthur Blvd. Design Review Committee
Main Street USA Seminar
Zoning Update Committee


Rotary Nature Center Advisory Council, Past Chairperson
Citizens for Oakland’s Open Space (COOS), Past Co-Treasurer
Open Space Conservation and Recreation (OSCAR), Advisory
Measure K, supporter
Kings Estate Dog Park
Rainbow Recreation Advisory Committee, Past Secretary
Hardy Park, assisted with strategy for dog park
Park & Recreation, Advisory Council—set up individual park advisory system
Dunsmuir House & Gardens, member
Friends of Park & Rec, former member
Supporter of Arroyo Viejo Park
East Oakland Swim Center Advisory Committee
Arroyo Viejo Creek Celebration Committee
Supports the prevention for cutting over three hundred trees around Lake Merritt
Supports the strengthening of the Creek Ordinance
Working to restore Chimes Creek and stop the erosion from the project at Leona Quarry
Supports the vision of those that worked to preserve and develop the Estuary Plan Supports the use of the funding that has been set aside to rebuild the City stables and get it up and running again
Supports the community in stopping the give away of open space/parkland to a non profit/upholding the OSCAR Plan
Working to stop illegal dumping
Working to clean up Graffiti
Chimes Creek
Burkhalter Park KaBoom Build
Concordia Park KaBoom Build
Stop the Zoo expansion at Knowland Park
Worked on NO on Measure A1


OPD Captain's Certificate of Commendation


Rescued and cared for hundreds of animals
Worked to re home lost pets.


Press Release

I am adding my first official statement as to why I am running for City Council At-Large which received some coverage but was hushed up by others.
Press Release 9/28/2016
After looking over the candidates that have thrown their hats into the ring and the rumor of two or three others who are also considering, I have decided that the residents of Oakland deserve a candidate that knows the history of Oakland, is hands on in activism and has no connections to the machine politics that has devastated Oakland for over 35 years.
While the few who have made millions off the lucrative contracts, corruption and nepotism that engulfs how politics functions in this city; it is time that the voters start taking an active role and start thinking outside the perceived frame work that money raised and prominent endorsers make for a qualified and caring candidate.

We as voters, who complain and get discouraged because, to date those who have sought elected office and won, have not been representative of Oakland as a whole.  They come with baggage because those who endorse them now own them.
We need a candidate who comes from the citizens who make up Oakland and has long involved roots and activism as well as not being afraid to represent and stand shoulder to shoulder with every person in every street throughout Oakland.  I, Nancy Sidebotham, am that person!

I have lived in Oakland since September 1964 and have been politically active since 1982.  I graduated from Merritt College at the old campus on Grove Street, renamed Martin Luther King Way in 1968.  I went on and graduated from CSUHayward, now CSUEast Bay, in 1970.  I have lived in various neighborhoods throughout Oakland from Beacon Street near Lake Merritt, Vernon Street off Santa Clara, Shafter Ave. in North Oakland, Georgia Street in the Laurel, Whittle Ave. in the Dimond and since 1980 on Hillmont Drive in the Millsmont area.

I have been active over the years in almost every aspect of Oakland’s issues.  I have run a number of times for the District 6 council seat.  I have never walked away but continue to stay involved, educate and challenge all who I have come in contact with, either physically or over the internet, to fight and take control to bring about positive change to their neighborhoods, districts and City.  I have never been afraid to speak up or fight for the rights of Oakland’s citizens.  I have been there as a participant, leader and helper whenever the opportunity presented itself.  I have over the years demanded accountability for actions and monies being asked of Oakland citizens.

I am fed up with Oakland’s politics as usual!  The handpicked candidates that profess promises that are rarely kept so that the machine politicians continue to keep Oakland in the strangle hold while we, the citizens, continue to be frustrated, has got to stop.

We have all seen neighbors and friends relocate due to the frustrations that mismanagement of this city has reaped over the years.

The high taxes that are collected year in and year out with little to show for them and no accountability on how they are really spent.

The continued devastation of a once proud and well managed police department that machine politics has brought to its knees.  The Officers are proud of the work they do and deserve our respect and support.

The loss of qualified city staff that earned their positions due to knowledge and abilities and not nepotism and payback.
Oakland deserves leadership that will demand quality work and give the respect and recognition to the work force that has been ignored and cut to the bone to protect the inability of those individuals due to lack of professional management skills.

Reduce the over inflated positions and delegate the workload to the different Departments without political interference.
Stop the welfare mentality of City Hall and encourage development of Oakland that represents everyone on an equal footing.

Stop the territorial mentality that highlights the politics of Oakland and keeps areas throughout the city segregated from each other.  This benefits a few while most of Oakland is neglected till an election comes around.

Lead by example, by outreaching to bring jobs back to the United States, bring back employment and keep people in their homes.  This is a national crisis and the fight to make change has to start at the local level.

Lip service needs to stop and real hands on action by the DA’s office needs to step up to the plate not only in going after banks regarding the foreclosures but in actually prosecuting those who break the law so that the message gets out that there are consequences for illegal actions.

We cannot continue to talk about progress, transparency and a bright future, while greed, self-interest and political maneuvering out shine the respect, freedom and rights that should be our first priority.

If Oakland, as a City, is to progress, she needs to stop living off handouts from the Federal Government and State and start rebuilding herself from the bottom up.

If one was to look at who controls the politics of Oakland and how elections are manipulated by what will sell (which is the definition of an Ad Campaign), versus what will work; then the residents as voters will come to understand why we continue to flounder in thin air and never reach objectives that other surrounding cities have flourished on.

Oakland has been a training ground on what NOT to do for up and coming talented staff.  These individuals have learned their trade and taken their abilities to other surrounding cities and brought prosperity to those municipalities, along with longtime businesses who have become fed up with stagnation.

Oakland was the hub for transportation and growth and in that same medium, the center for many to make their wealth and then leave to “greener pastures”.  Oakland has been a playground for many over its history who saw a way to make a financial killing at the expense of the residents.

This needs to change!  I am proud to be a 52 year resident of Oakland and will continue to fight to make her the center that she has always been in the past and has the potential to be again in the future.  There are no empty promises here because I know I cannot do this alone  It will take the commitment from all of us with diverse ideas coming together to solve and build the immediate time line and future of this great City.  The talent is here and I have the ability and the passion to be one of the guides for Oakland, with your help, to sustainability and a culturally diverse future.

Are you with me?  I ask that you get involved, this is our city and it is going to take hands on action to bring about positive and real change.


Nancy Sidebotham
for City Council At Large

Community Advocate and Tax Preparer

I am running because I Care!

510 635-2678